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==C.R.I.M.E ==



The Heckler and Koch USP is the standard side-arm of the counter terrorists, a .45 cal 12 shot mag with optional silencer make it a good all rounder

Glock 17

The Glock 17 is an Austrian masterpiece (in real life anyway) the Glock carries an unusual solid back slide with no cocking hammer, 9mm and a 20 shot mag make it fast and almost recoilless to fire, but it lacks power (standard side-arm of the terrorists)

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is an Israeli made man size gun, is currently the most powerful pistol in the world. This large pistol has is a .50 cal 7 shot mag killer, with direct feed loading and fast reload it is a must, (will shoot through doors, walls, cars, small houses ect....;)

SIG Sauer

The Sig sauer is a .357 cal 13 shot mag pocket size pistol, this weapon has a hellish rate of fire and reasonable reload time, making it my favorite of all the pistols

Fabrique Five Seven

This Belgium pistol combines a 20 shot mag with the typical 5.7mm Belgium round. A fast shooter but the accuracy isnt great nor is the reload time, packs a reasonable punch though

Beretta 92fs

The beretta 92fs is a favorite among US police and special weapon teams, a 9mm 15 shot mag make it an average player, Despite the fact you cannot buy them singly, it will certainly save your ass when fast fire hell gunning is required....

ALL information submitted by myself is off the top of my head, therefore i know it is right :) REMEMBER being wrong is never an option....... X-Tor$ioni$T

Copyright ==C.R.I.M.E== 2001.