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==C.R.I.M.E ==


Clan News

22-6-01 : NEW RECRUIT , people are starting to come to their senses and are signing up for CRIME. our latest aquirement is MICHAEL FOSTER (UK) he's looking promising, (according to mat ;) so we'll give him a run when i have time

18-6-01 : NEW RECRUIT :D we curently have a new member on trial for this week, the trial is set for thursday so we'll see how he gets along (rekons hes shit hot ) but they all do dont they ;) Playing under the alias

==C.R.I.M.E==G.T.A *TRIAL*

4-5-01 :

First news!!! and its a recruitment :) my old buddy from {SDS} clan, Wr@th he's now goes by the screen name CoN @Rti$T, lucky ba$tards' got ISDN :( but thats ok we need the players. Our intentions were to have a 56k only clan for all us paupers out there but like i say eventually we will have a ISDN/CABLE team as well so watch this space....


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