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==C.R.I.M.E ==


About Crime

The CRIME clan was designed and originated on the 1/5/01 so we are very new, BUT while the clan may be new the players wont be :) The clan was really formed out of annoyance of other clans unreliability people not turning up to practices, "selling out" to other clans ect......

This clan will be VERY different, each member will have certain roles and responsibilities, and an obligation to turn up to practices and various events. We will be adopting the 3 strikes and your out policy, sound harsh? well it aint, if members cant turn up to praccy or whatever the case maybe, as long as either myself or Mat are given 24 hours notice to replace them there wont be a problem. The reason we are doing this is discipline, we WONT have people thats hearts are into it 99% we need 101% at all times!! or we will never get anywhere.

As you can tell we have BIG plans for the future, Eventually we will have a 56k team and a ISDN\CABLE team to cater for all occasions :) Im sick of hearing spoilt little rich boys ranting and raving about how many fragz they have when they have a ping of like 45 or some shit and they are playing against a load of 56k boys like myself with pings of 150-300. Believe me it DOES make a hell of a lot of difference and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking liar :p it gives you at least an extra 1-2 seconds reaction time, which any half decent players knows is the difference between life and death.

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