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==C.R.I.M.E ==


Colt M4A1

The colt M4A1 or M16/AR15 as it is more commonly known is, in my opinion the most reliable weapon in the CT arsenal. It combines fast accurate fire with silky smooth reloading, also comes equipped with silencer. knocking out 30 5.56mm rounds in about 3.5 secs

Steyr aug

This Austrian killer is a good sniping/combat rifle, it carries almost identical properties to the M4A1 except for, .5 mag zoom function with slower rate of fire, not cheap but none the less a good battlefield all rounder, it tends to lose capability during CQB though

Steyr scout

The scout is a lightweight, sniper rifle. fast firing cycle and ultra fast reloading make this an ideal cheap, disposable weapon. Tends to lack in the power department though.


The AWP or accuracy international arctic warfare magnum, is the most effective snipers tool in the game, trading speed for power this heavy British made masterpiece will stop a 747 if needs be, not cheap and not easy to handle are its only downsides

SG 550

This little puppy is a semi auto 30 shot mag mean machine, unlike the AWP the shooter does not have to move his head from the scope picture to cycle the action, making it the most effective fast fire sniping rifle (good for when they come in crowds) :) BUT if you wanna buy it you better sell your house

H&K MP-5

The German answer to your UZI or MAC-10, TEC-9 This is the most reliable, accurate sub-machine gun on the market, at a very affordable $1500 this weapon combines closed-bolt accuracy with a hellish rate of fire, only downside is, for a 9mm is it dont pack much punch against armored targets


The heckler and koch UMP is not dissimilar to the MP5 although a flatter trajectory and lowest of the low recoil combined with the stopping power of the .45 cal round make it wise choice.

Steyr TMP

The Steyr TMP is a rapid fire machine pistol, ideal for CQB but unfortunately not much else. fitted silencer and 30 shot mag make it a capable weapon, but the power just isn't there

Fabrique P-90

The P-90 is a very unorthodox weapon, 5.7 cal and fast rate of fire combined with a 50 shot mag are all good, BUT the heavy recoil and high accuracy deviation leave it out of the shooters prime choice



This russian rifle is a good M4A1 equivalent, mostly the same properties keep it on par


The sig 552 is one of my faves, very similar in operation to the Steyr Aug, but personally i find the recoil easier to manage (many wont agree with me)


The Mac-10 is a favorite among terrorists and drug barons, small, cheap and fast fire make it a good choice in combat, but its long range fire capability and nasty(ish) recoil dont do it any favours


Benelli M3

The M3 is a very standard shotgun carrying 8, 12 gauge cartridges, it is a cheap, close range combat arm

Benelli XM-1014

The XM-1014 is similar(ish) to the M3 carrying 7, 12 gauge shells AND semi auto fire make it the ideal storming weapon

FN para

The FN para is, i believe to be of French origin, with a 100 shot belt feed system and 5.56mm bullets make this the ideal support weapon, although it suffers from heavy recoil

ALL information submitted by myself is off the top of my head, therefore i know it is right :) REMEMBER being wrong is never an option....... X-Tor$ioni$T

Copyright ==C.R.I.M.E== 2001.