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==C.R.I.M.E ==


Kevlar and helmet:

Same as before but with a helmet (surprise) this will protect you from one headshot (i also find the vest is more resilient, probably just me?)



The Kevlar assault vest is a very lightweight jacket it will only withstand about 3-7 shots before you are toast (depending on caliber of weapon)



The Knife is more of a handy weapon than it looks, very useful when it comes to a 1 on 1 close range firefight, when your opponent is reloading you can run at him, whilst giving him 7" of cold steel in the head (needs practice ;)


HE grenade

The HE or high explosive grenade is a lethal weapon in the right hands, can take off as much as 75hp!! if one lands at your feet, very handy for clearing the corridors.

FB grenade

The FB or flash bang is a very handy weapon, best used to "probe" areas, will blind your opponent for up to 5 secs (depending on his location to explosion)

Smoke grenade

Functions without saying, gives off a cloud of smoke for about 30-45 secs in 2 main pulses


The good old plastique, normally a 1 min detention time, but it differs from server to server

Defusal kit :-

The defusal kit basically knocks 2 3rds off defusal time, can be obtained from dead people.

Night vision:-

Night vision goes without saying, (watch for flashies though)


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