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==C.R.I.M.E ==


OK people these are general tactics that myself and a lot of other peeps use, there is no right or wrong, the game is based upon individuality thats what makes it FUN (although it isnt always) so read on and see for yourself....

RIFLE SKILLS: ok, as most of you know firing accurately is something that takes a lot of practice. As you've probably found out, unless you are at point blank range, firing on full auto is a bad idea, why? because 1. only about 2-3 bullets MAX will hit your target (dependent on range) 2. you will waste ammo, and 3. if people are watching you on spectator/dead mode they will laugh at you and call you newbie ;) AND WE DONT WANT THAT DO WE.

SO, there are several different methods of effective shooting

1. BURST FIRE, the most widely used form of shooting and easy to master, it is quite self explanatory, shoot in 3-5 round bursts, and give about a one or two second gap in between bursts. This will give the collective recoil still in your weapon a chance to subside, improving accuracy 10 fold.

2. DOUBLE BURST, now this a lot harder to master, it involves the same start as normal burst fire, center your target and let off a few rounds but instead of waiting for the recoil to dampen drag your gunsight "down a bit" fire one round, then center and restart the cycle. This eliminates the gap in fire (the time when you gonna get killed).

3. DRUM FIRE, my personal fave, this is works particularly well on moving targets (which they normally are) all it is is "tapping" the mouse button, firing on semi auto if you like, this way the recoil never gets a chance to fully collect.

4. STRAFE FIRE, is as it sounds, it involves circling your target whilst letting off bursts of fire (or full auto if you are close enough) hard to master but very effective.

5.HEADSHOT :D, The hardest of all (surprise) can only really be used on targets that are moving directly away (or towards) you, aim dead center of the head and fire TWICE! because if he has a helmet and you only hit him once he is going to turn around and start shooting (wouldn't you) chances are you'll kill him before though ;)

OK NOW, pistol techniques:-

1.SF, sustained fire, is just aiming at your enemy's waist area and emptying the mag, the recoil from the previous round will make your rounds land in the upper chest area (dependent on range) best used on stationary targets

2. DOUBLE TAP, is as it sounds, aim, fire twice quickly, then reaim and do the same, more useful when the target is moving

3. STRAFE FIRE, the same as for the rifle, see above

4. HEADSHOT, the same as for the rifle, see above

OK that is a very basic insight to effective shooting, your best bet is to practice with BOTS that way you can trail all of the above techniques without looking shite,

SOOOOOOO how about some general tactics as the page name suggests:- read on dear boy.........


Copyright ==C.R.I.M.E== 2001.