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==C.R.I.M.E ==



I have only recently started playing games online due to an upgrade from 56k to Cable, obviously this had to be utilized. The First, first person shoot em up i played was Wolfenstien 3d that was the beggining of the whole first person shoot em up adiction. I was a big quake fan but when Quake Arena was release i decided that quake had, had its day and i had to look for a new game. Half life was probable the greatest game i played and now as a CS player, im probably the only person never to complete this but i made up for that a few days ago when i completed the new half life blue shift :)!! I aint a veteran at CS but have played for a bit at LAN party's but only recently coming to the online world!!

And Here i am at the greatest clan to be at ==C.R.I.M.E==

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