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==C.R.I.M.E ==



Hello :) well let me see, i have been playing 1st person view shooters for about 4 years now, i started with the classic wolfenstien 3D (lol) and then worked my way through Doom, heretic, blood 1&2, duke nukem.

THEN came the new age of engines like.... Quake 1,2&3, Unreal and Unreal tournament. then emerged Valve with Halflife, opposing force and now games such as Counter-Strike, Day of defeat, special ops ect.... SO basically ive been in the "game" for some time now :)

Ive not had much clan action i tryed (unsuccessfully) to create a clan before -=(SpeCtrE)=- but it flopped :(. Then i joined clan {SDS} (Seven Deadly Sins) where i was Envy, but they turned out to be a mainly unreal tournament clan and only Wr@th and myself played CS so... here i am creating clan CRIME a more "proactive" CS clan.


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