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Speaker Pod

This design will enable you to build a housing for a set of speakers which will be set under the rear seats in the footwell. I reckon that 6" speakers is as big as you can go with this design

1) Cut out a piece of MDF 3'6" wide by 7" high.

2) Draw a line in the centre from top to bottom (see diagram).

3) Cut out semi-circle 8" across and 4" deep (see diagram) This is the bit that goes over the exhaust tunnel.

4) Cut out holes for speakers as low as possible to the bottom of the board.

5) Drill hole above cut out semi circle for a bolt to fix on to upright metal seat leg. There should already be a hole in the leg which will be suitable for fixing.

6) Paint or cover to suit your interior trim.

7) Cut 2 blocks of wood aprox 2" square. There will be for fixing to the bottom of the seat panel. It's up to you how you fix the panel either screws or glue.

8) Run the speaker cables under the carpet to where the speaker will be.

9) Mark out and attach the fixings which will attach the panel to the under side of the seat.

10) Bolt panel to centre leg and then fix the rest of the panel with fixings at either end making sure you don't foul the speakers.

11) Wire up and fix speakers to panel. It may be worth trying to fix the panel to the floor to stop it wobbling.