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Interior Colour Change

This modification is to change the colour of the mini interior, which is very cost effective. The Paint you Need is Plasti-kote spray. (

1. Take out your door cards both back and front and clean then with a damp cloth to remove dirt. Make sure the cards are dry.

2. Take the cards to an area where you can spray them - remember that spraying gets everywhere and travels through the air leaving a thin film of spray on objects nearby.

3. With your chosen colour spray the door cards with a thin layer of Plasti-kote and leave to dry. Spray the door cards approx 2-3 times depending on how thick you sprayed them. As long as the colour is consistent and you think you have sufficiently coated them, they should be fine.

4. Leave to dry thoroughly for 12-24 hours before putting them back in the mini.

5. The dash board can be done 1 of 2 ways 5a. You can mask off everything in the car or 5b. You can attempt to take the dash out and spray it. I say attempt because I wouldn't have a clue where to start.

6. Which ever one you choose to do you still need to clean and dry the dash. Repeat the spraying process as for the door cards.

7. When you have sprayed the dash and it is DRY you can take off the masked areas and hopefully by this time put the door cards back in. 8. You now have the option to spray the door handles etc. If you want to spray them, just repeat the spraying process and there you have it. A new interior that's only cost 10-15! amazing.